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Winged Tiger

"Winged Tiger #1" cover

Issue #1

The Legend of the Winged Tiger

This book tells the story of The Winged Tiger from the beginning. It's always hard to find the first issue of a popular comic, and ours is no exception. We have a few copies left of this original black & white edition. 


But we are pleased to also have this comic as a FULL COLOR, oversize comic book as well. (7.5" x 11")

The Legend Of The Winged Tiger

Price: US $50.00

"Winged Tiger #2" cover

Issue #2

The Ideaship

The first issue of the IDEASHIP SERIES (#2 through 12) that takes Patrick Rabbit around the world (more than once) in a magical airship to ask artists from all fields how they get their ideas. Guests in this collector's issue include: Astounding Space Thrills creator Steve Conley; Swamp Thing artist and the creator of Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends dream comic and many other titles, Rick Veitch; Akiko creator Mark Crilley;  Rick O'Shay's creator Stan Lynde; artist and author Trina Robbins; Steve Leialoha who has so many comic book credits over his long career to name them all; MAD magazine artist and creator of Groo, Sergio Aragones; Conan artist Alfredo Alcala; The Simpsons artist and one of Mexico's top cartoonists, Oscar Gonzales. 

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #3" cover

Issue #3

Confused in Space

The cover teams up old friends Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius and Phil Yeh. The issue takes Patrick Rabbit outside of the USA for the first of many trips in the series. Moebius needs no introduction if you are a comic book or film buff, but a short list of his credits include: Blueberry graphic novels, The Airtight Garage and Incal, as well as a section of the Sony Metreon in San Francisco--- in films he had a hand in Tron, Alien, Nemo, The Abyss, and The Fifth Element to name just a few.


Other special guests in this issue include: science fiction master illustrator Kelly Freas; syndicated comic strip artist Leigh Rubin (Rubes); British creator of Heart of Empire Bryan Talbot; Scamp artist and master water colorist Roger Armstrong; and many more.

Price: US $50

"Winged Tiger #4" cover

Issue #4

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

The cover makes one think of the Wild West, so of course we set the story in Europe! Rick O'Shay's creator Stan Lynde (he drew one of the best western comic strips in history) joined Phil to create the cover. Stan was one of Phil's heroes when he grew up in Los Angeles and this was a real honor. Stan's Montana artist friends Wally Badgett and Peter Grosshauser joined in the fun, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, Italian cartoonist Marco DeAngelis (did we mention that part of this issue takes place in Italy?); If You Give a Mouse a Cookie illustrator Felicia Bond; Concrete's creator Paul Chadwick; Dutch cartoon masters Frans Mensink and Willy Lohmann, Goatina's creator Kitty Mancini (co-creator Rina Piccolo was in issue #2); and many others.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #5" cover

Issue # 5

The Sound of Music

While in Germany, Ralph Ruthe and Klaus Leven's Joey & Gonz continue to try and give Patrick some inspiration about how to be creative. Patrick also meets the Lace Princess in Belgium in this globe-trotting special issue. Also including some of Iran's best cartoonists and a very special appearance by Lat, the most famous cartoonist of Malaysia and that part of the world. In Singapore, Lim Cheng Tju, Teo Chin Puay, and Dengcoy Miel all graciously helped Patrick add to his knowledge about how artists get their ideas. This issue features a wonderful illustration of The Dragons of Hawaii by creator Jon J. Murakami with Phil drawing the tiger and "Mad King" Ludwig's castle in Germany. The story takes Patrick Rabbit back in time to meet the great baroque music composer Mozart with these special guest stars as well.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #6" cover

Issue # 6

Let's Do Lunch

Patrick Rabbit makes it to Hollywood and so does his girlfriend Rachel along with Keiko, her young film-director-friend from Japan. Klaus Leven, Cartoonists Across America European Vice-President and the creator of Joey & Gonz, teamed up with Phil Yeh to create a special cover for this issue. It was colored by Lieve Jerger, with a special thanks to Joel Sansone who created the glass-on-glass-on-copper enamel stellarscape image we used for the sky. Special guest stars Ralf Moeller (Gladiator, Batman, and Conan); Sports Illustrated photographer Ron Modra; author MB Roberts; One Big Happy creator Rick Detorie; Hopster's Tracks creator Stephanie Gladden (she worked on the Powerpuff Girls and The Simpsons); Jon J. Murakami's Dragons of Hawaii in a very special scene at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood; Marty Baumann, the award-winning creator of the Crater Kid; Hollywood storyboard artist Tim Burgard (The Terminator, Jumanji and Stuart Little are just a few of his credits); author/artist Nancy Dunn (Golf's Greenland); and many others.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #7" cover

Issue #7
Keiko's Dream

MAD magazine artist and Groo creator Sergio Aragonés teamed up with Phil to create this tribute cover to Mexico City. They actually drew this cover while they stayed as guests at Mexico's wonderful Conque comic book convention! Sergio is one of Phil's longtime pals and has inspired so many artists all over the world. This issue is a 48-page special issue and it is almost sold out. Other guests include: For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston; Archie comics writer and the creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch George Gladir; Spiral Dreams author and artist Al Davison; Batman artist Dick Giordano; Wee Pals creator Morrie Turner; Mexican artist Victor Guiza; and many others.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #8" cover

Issue #8
Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Cartoonists Across America VP of the Florida office and Major Impact creator Danny DeAngelo guested on the cover with Phil for the 8th issue of the Winged Tiger. Guests include graphic novelist Bill Knapp, writers Leslie Newman of Cats, Cats, Cats; Jane Yolen (who won a Caldecott for Owl Moon), author Marguerite W. Davol, and artist Tak Toyoshima (The Tick and The Couch) are in this issue along with a special appearance from Wally Famous Amos. Wally himself single-handedly inspired Phil Yeh to start up Cartoonists Across America & The World way back in 1985.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #9" cover

Issue #9
A Pirate's Life For Me!

This new cover was colored and designed by Lieve Jerger from an original pen and ink drawing by Phil Yeh. This issue features a special guest appearance of Steve the Dog and Dot by Geoff Bevington.
The 9th issue of The Winged Tiger Comics & Stories takes Patrick Rabbit to the Cayman Islands and then to Europe.

We have some wonderful guest artists from both places in this very special issue. 

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #10" cover

Issue #10

Crouching Winged Tiger, Hidden Dragons of Hawaii

Star Wars director George Lucas guest stars in this issue. Lucas talks about how he gets his ideas in this continuing Ideaship storyline.
In our most star-filled issue yet, we feature former Saturday Night Live bandleader G.E. Smith and actor/producer Henry Winkler. Actor Jason Scott Lee (who played Bruce Lee in the biofilm Dragon) is also a guest in this very special issue, which spans the entire globe.

The cover of this issue was painted by PinChao Zhang who taught Chinese painting for 25 years at the Central Art Institute in Hangzhou, China.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #11" cover

Issue # 11
The Wizard of Oz Has Left Emerald City

This issue features the celebrated Mexican artists José Quintero and Daniel Ortiz Celestino as Patrick Rabbit heads up the Pacific Coast from Mexico to Seattle, where a special party is taking place with many of the most talented artists in the Pacific Northwest, and a few guests from other areas.
Guests include: Jennifer Daydreamer, Jim Woodring, Roberta Gregory, Tom Hart, Jason Lutes, Donna Barr, Craig Thompson, Elizabeth Pankey and David Lasky, as well as special musical guests Keiko & Kazu Matsui, and Los Lobos.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #12" cover

Issue # 12
Here Comes The Sun

This issue wraps up the Ideaship storyline as Patrick Rabbit finally returns home to NEW YORK CITY!
The 12th issue of The Winged Tiger Comics & Stories has a global lineup of guest stars including: Howard Cruse, Dylan Horrocks, Brenda Murphy/THE CANDY QUEEN, PJ Grimes, Alan Lowe, Gary Kato, Dave Thorne, and many more artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Price US $20

"Winged Tiger #13" cover

Issue #13

Almost Famous

This issue is the Very Special 25th Anniversary celebration of The Winged Tiger character. It features an exclusive interview with Mexico's extraordinary talent, Jose Quintero, printed in his original Spanish words, as well as an English translation. Also interviewed is Matt Lorentz, the artist whose skateboarding cartoons are beloved icons for a whole generation. Dragons of Hawaii creator, Jon J. Murakami gives his Cartooning Tips and Tricks.


These successful artists bare their soul and give up secrets, which makes this issue a must-read for aspiring cartoonists everywhere. A revealing article by Robine Zule tells all you ever wanted to read about Cartoonists Across America founder Phil Yeh's pivotal role as GODFATHER OF THE AMERICAN GRAPHIC NOVEL and chronicles the birth of the graphic novel art form in the late seventies, in the city of Long Beach, California, where Phil and his friends published Uncle Jam and ran the Cobblestone Art Gallery.

Price US $20

Winged Tiger #14 cover

Issue # 14
Patrick in Slumberland

The Winged Tiger #14 celebrates both ANIMATION AND GRAPHIC NOVELS. It contains interviews with John Canemaker about the father of animation Winsor McCay; an old interview with Rick Griffin, The Simpsons' Phil Ortiz on his new projects; Mulan artist Alex Niño on his career post-Disney, a preview of The Winged Tiger in China, and a preview of Phil Yeh's new Cazco graphic novel, which is a 35th anniversary celebration of this character's debut in 1972. 

Price US $20

Winged Tiger #15 cover

Issue #15
To Bee  or Not to Bee

This issue finds Patrick Rabbit back in his Ideaship balloon traveling all over the world to ask artists in all fields how they get their ideas.

Guests include Dave Scroggy (Dark Horse Comics); artist Eric Bowman; Newbery Medal winner Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz, New Kid); Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans);  Hawaii’s Jon J. Murakami;  writer and artist Rick Geary; and Israeli cartoonist Lee Blum.

Patrick then travels to Singapore and Malaysia where he meets author and  illustrator Otto Fong (Sir Fong edutainment comic books); Vivian Toh (editor-in-chief of Cutout Magazine); Jay Lim (creative director of Cutout Magazine); Malaysian cartoonist Sireh; and Sarah Joan Mokhtar, a half Irish, half Malay cartoonist who designed the cover with Phil Yeh.

Price US $5

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