Dinosaurs Across America - THE BOOK!

The 50 States of America presented one by one in comics by Phil Yeh's famous Patrick Rabbit and his Dinosaur friends is now in full color. One of the most popular comic books (190,000 sold) from Cartoonists Across America, a literacy group using comics for decades to teach literacy to kids all over the US, is now a beautiful, exciting, educational graphic novel, a fun way to learn about America's 50 States! Phil Yeh is the champion behind the group and well noted for his tireless tours and appearances at schools and libraries across the land, bringing literacy through comics. Colorized by Lieve Jerger.

"His book is fun!... With Dinosaurs Across America now in color, I think he'll be directly invading libraries, which is a good thing. This book will never replace those geography books on all the states, but it makes US geography fun. Who says learning stuff HAS to be boring?" -Kat Kan

Kat Kan works as a freelance young adult library consultant, conducting workshops on graphic novels and on Young Adult services, and as a writer for Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) and for Diamond Comics' Bookshelf Web site.

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Price: US $12.95
hardcover, full color, 32 pages.

Legend of the Winged Tiger cover.resized

Theo the Dinosaur

By Phil Yeh,
with introductions by former First Lady Barbara Bush

 and Nigel Seale who organized the first Earth Day.

This hugely popular book tells the story of how four dinosaurs avoided extinction by learning how to read and building a time-machine-spaceship. Theo, Dewey, Dallas and Dinah arrived in Our Own Time and brought us the slogan "Read. Avoid Extinction." Many of Phil Yeh's original oil paintings from this very popular book may still be available for purchase. The dinosaurs were featured on an official postage stamp in Hungary.

Price: US $9.95

The Legend of the Winged Tiger

The origin story of the Winged Tiger 

drawn by Phil Yeh and colored by Lieve Jerger

Price: US $10

Softcover magazine format, full color, 28 pages.


The Sunflower 
A Winged Tiger Graphic Novel without any words!

 The Sunflower will tempt young readers into loving books for the rest of their lives. They will remember the excitement of turning on their minds to ideas and creativity as they interpret the pages of this book. Kids will learn to dream, to think for themselves, to love ideas and to love others.


Young kids can "read" their own interpretation of the story to their teacher, parents or grandparents, who in turn can enjoy a spirited exchange of ideas with their youngsters.


This is the next book in the series of highly acclaimed Wordless Graphic Novels by Phil Yeh. This is a film on paper, written and drawn with pen and ink by Phil Yeh, colorized by Lieve Jerger. A labor of love by two unique artists who have been friends for over 30 years

Price: US $10.00
Softcover magazine format,

full color, 48 pages.

wt wordless intro moebius.jpg

The Winged Tiger

a book without words

By Phil Yeh, with illustrated introductions by Moebius and Wendy Pini.

"The Winged Tiger is the perfect book to promote literacy anywhere on the planet, because anyone can read and comprehend it"-- Wally Amos, national spokesperson for Literacy Volunteers of America.

Price: US $45

© 2001 Moebius

Only 40 copies are left of the first edition, and no second edition is planned. These last copies will be sold with an original illustration inside by Phil Yeh.

Steve the Dog &The Winged Tiger

by Geoff Bevington & Phil Yeh


This book will inspire and present your kids with a very appealing and smart alternative to mind-numbing electronic entertainment. Steve the Dog & The Winged Tiger is for all ages!  It's the true story of a couch-potato-dog named Steve and how a meeting with the Winged Tiger changed his life. Set in Chicago, the birthplace of artist/author Phil Yeh and the longtime home base for artist Geoff Bevington, this book is a tribute to the Windy City. Lieve Jerger has colored the book with devotion to the art.

Limited edition of 1,500 copies, signed and numbered by the authors.

Price: US $30.00

Full color, hard cover

The Winged Tiger in Singapore

by Phil Yeh, He Shuxin, & Geoff Bevington


This sequel to Steve the Dog & the Winged Tiger continues the theme of getting out into the world to see and do things. Steve and Dot travel to Singapore and meet another couch-potato dog named Rocket. They introduce Rocket to the Winged Tiger, who changes his life, gets him off the couch, and inspires his young heart to follow his dreams and do good things for the world with his given talents. This story is set in the beautiful island of Singapore. This first edition is limited to 1,000 copies.

 Imported from Singapore. Published by ComixGuru

Price: US $30.00

Full color, hard cover

The Winged Tiger and the Dragons of Hawaii

by Jon J. Murakami & Phil Yeh


 This delightful children's book tells the story of how five musical dragons came from around the universe to live in paradise. These dragons were created by Hawaiian cartoonist Jon J. Murakami, who has drawn these animated characters in perfect harmony with Phil Yeh's incredibly detailed backgrounds.

Softcover Price: US $11.95


This classic work of pen and ink artistry is also available in a special signed and numbered hardcover edition, limited to 400 copies.

Hardcover Price: US $25


The Winged Tiger World Peace Party Puzzle Book

Beautiful color oil paintings, in Phil's magical style, of major cities around the world with five hidden objects on each page.

Stimulating project book for armchair globetrotters of all ages.

Price: US $11.95


The Winged Tiger in China

The Winged Tiger in China is a brand new introduction story featuring all 12 animals of the Lunar Calendar. Written and illustrated by Phil Yeh and colored by Lieve Jerger, this entertaining story takes Patrick and Rachel Rabbit on a funny adventure to Beijing, China's capital! Of course, The Winged Tiger is there to help our characters travel a bit easier. Like all adventures, the best part is getting to the destination!

Price: US $10.00
Softcover magazine format, full color, 32 pages.



What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

Written and illustrated by Phil Yeh and colored by Lieve Jerger, this is the first chapter of a planned larger graphic novel beginning with Cazco’s creation in 1972 at Cal State Long Beach to the present day.

Price: US $10.00

Softcover magazine format, full-color


Voyage to Veggie Isle:

Frank the Unicorn's Island Adventures

Phil's take on the issue of diet in a humorous adventure starring Frank the Unicorn. If you've ever wanted a book to convince kids to eat their veggies, this is the book !

Price: US $20.00
Softcover, black & white


The classic book that introduced Frank, the light blue unicorn, to the world. In this story, Frank meets Gail Tokuda, struggling actress in New York City, and their journey to Hollywood begins. A very funny look at the way films and movie stars are made -- better than any reality TV show today. 

Very limited supply of  Frank #1 left.

Trade softcover paperback 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".
76 inside pages b&w.

Price: US $50.00


The secret of King Arthur and a recipe for World Peace revealed in this cartoon adventure featuring the most famous blue unicorn.

Trade softcover paperback 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

76  pages b&w.

Price: US $20.00