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Phil Yeh and students with the mural at Mt. Vernon Elementary in San Bernardino, CA
School assembly in Camas, WA
A school mural
Students painting a mural
Phil Yeh painting with students at a school in Indiana
A school mural in progress in Alhambra, CA

What to Expect

Assemblies and Mural Painting Events are a one-of-a-kind way to get students thinking creatively and Thinking BIG. Phil has a unique way of connecting with students and sharing his passion for reading, and inspiring all people to be in charge of their own destiny. Phil shares stories of his friends from around the world, their successes and accomplishments, and helps students see the importance of diligence, integrity, perseverance, and believing in their potential. 

Creating a shared permanent work of art together is a special way for students to engage with each other and take pride in their creation.

The assemblies are engaging and offer students the opportunity to generate ideas and discuss goals and dreams for the future. This type of dialogue goes a long way towards fostering a generation of people that love to create, and reach the goals they set for themselves.

People from over 2000 schools and venues have benefitted from Cartoonists Across America & The World's message and we would like to partner with your students as well.

Details & Pricing

The assemblies and mural events are performed together to maximize the benefit of the message, however it is possible to just have an assembly without a mural event, but all mural events include an assembly.


The Assemblies typically run about 45 minutes to 1 hour long and can be as large an audience as desired, however we do have a minimum student participation requirement, depending on the travel costs of the artist etc. If needed, the assembly can be split up into two sessions to suit your auditorium size. This assembly also works well in conjunction with school-wide efforts such as ethics week, or read-a-thons etc. 

Contact us for assembly prices. Pricing includes the assemblies and a copy of one of Phil's educational comics for each of the students in attendance.

The Mural Events typically take place over a 2-day period. The first day includes the assembly and start of the mural. The murals are typically outlined by Phil and painted in by the students and school staff. Day two includes the finishing up and re-outlining of the drawings. The children will have an opportunity to ask Phil questions and he will share his message with the students as they paint the mural.

Contact us for assembly/mural cost. The price includes a copy of one of Phil's educational comics for each of the students in attendance. The design of the mural can be discussed with Phil and imagined with the students.


The size of the murals may vary, however if possible a 8' x 20' mural is what is preferred. The surface can be inside or outside, most surfaces will work, the smoother the surface the easier it is to paint. We have done murals on walls, as well as portable murals on canvas or foam core.

 Materials for the murals are often donated by local art stores, home improvement stores and other companies with a vested interest in the students in your area. Please have your school staff try to find a donor for the materials. If not possible, please speak to us and we will find a solution that works best.

Kids helping Phil Yeh paint a mural at a comic con in Haifa, Israel
Fans at the Cartoonists Across America booth at the Cartoon & Animation Festival  in Hangzhou, China
Winged Tiger #15

Each Student will receive one of Phil's many graphic novels filled with unbelievable detail and imagination.
The stories are uplifting and teach valuable life lessons that correlate with the theme of the events.

The Winged Tiger in Singapore by Phil Yeh, He Shuxin, and Geoff Bevington.

 Phil Yeh with students in Israel

(Below) Students and Parents at a comic con in China

The Winged Tiger reading his mail.

Contact us to schedule an event

or with any questions you may have.

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