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Patrick Rabbit

Patrick Rabbit #1

Issue #1

The origin of Patrick Rabbit by Phil Yeh. Bill Dinardo has a story called Little Nina in the back of the book. This one is a rare collector's issue and it says so in the book. Rare First Collector's Edition - very limited number left! Limit 2 per customer. While supplies last.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #2

Issue #2

Our classic 'Stay in School' comic with stories by Phil Yeh, Stan Sakai, Dave Thorne, Trina Robbins and Bill Dinardo. Kirk Cameron and Whoopi Goldberg also make cameos on the subject.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #3

Issue #3

Rare Inverted Issue! Stories by Yeh, Stan Sakai, Dave Garcia, Monica Sharp, RC Williams, Trina Robbins, Dave Thorne and Bill Dinardo.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #4

Issue #4

The Bird Brain of Alcatraz is the lead Patrick Rabbit story by Yeh. Also stories by Trina Robbins, Stan Sakai, RC Williams, Monica Sharp, Dave Garcia, Dave Thorne and Bill Dinardo.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #5

Issue #5

Martian Basketball with a stunning handpainted (it wasn't done with a computer, folks) cover by illustrator Phill Singer. This is a classic Patrick Rabbit story with more than 75,000 copies sold that deals with the issue of handguns without preaching. One of our best.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #6

Issue #6

The Aloha Express teams up Patrick Rabbit and Theo the Dinosaur and friends in a very solid story about US History & Geography that appeals to all ages. Yeh uses humor to get across important facts and was so successful that this issue was reprinted 7 times under the title Dinosaurs Across America and published as an interactive CD-ROM by Panasonic! More than 90,000 copies of this book have been sold to all ages. We have a few copies left of Patrick #6 and Dinosaurs Across America comic book. 

The original edition is also available as a full-color, hardcover book

Dinosaurs Across America

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #7

Issue #7

Read. Exercise Your Mind with an introduction by former First Lady Barbara Bush. A fun story that has Patrick swimming around the world. Dave Garcia and Monica Sharp did the back up feature: "Patrick Rabbit meets Panda Khan".

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #8

Issue #8

The Bats of Carlsbad introduces Patrick to these computer-loving bats in New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns. A fun story that promotes the bat's pitch for computers with their slogan: "All We Are Saying Is Give PCs A Chance!"

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #9

Issue #9

The Mystery of The Magic Chopsticks takes Patrick from the San Francisco Bay Area to Vancouver, Canada to China. A really fun-filled adventure for all ages. As elsewhere in Phil Yeh's work, when his characters visit another state, country or continent, chances are excellent that Yeh has actually been to that place and his work reflects the details that only a world traveler can share with his readers.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #10

Issue #10

The Legend of the Rock Star is Yeh's allegory on drug addiction, again told with timeless charm and humor and without the preaching that most stories dealing with this subject matter would take.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #11

Issue #11

Candle in The Wind takes Patrick and his girlfriend Rachel to Maui, Hawaii for another fun filled adventure. The back-up story The Soleil Family was inspired by an idea from Louise Harrison, the sister of Beatle George.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #12

Issue #12

Patrick Rabbit Goes To Mexico features our first-ever bilingual comic with both English and Spanish in the text balloons. Guest artists include: Sergio Aragonés, Jose Quintero, Gaby Maya, Klaus Leven, Geoff Bevington and Jon Murakami. Special guest star is Brenda Murphy AKA The Candy Queen who has provided an easy-to-make Mexican pyramid out of chocolate, which was invented by the Maya and Aztec culture before the Spanish brought it to Spain,  which is exactly where Patrick Rabbit is going in the 14th issue of the series. 

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #13

Issue #13

Enter the Dragons takes Patrick back to Hawaii for the best story (in our humble opinion) on the subject of smoking. It's actually a fun-filled and fact-filled adventure, but again, we don't resort to preaching to get our messages out. The artwork is done by Phil Yeh and Jon Murakami who also collaborated on our children's book The Winged Tiger and the Dragons of Hawaii.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #14

Issue #14

Patrick Rabbit Goes To Spain is another bilingual adventure that takes our heroes to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and other exotic locales. There are a host of guest stars as always, including Geoff Bevington's Steve the Dog. In this issue of Patrick Rabbit #14, our bunny shoots a movie with The Dragons of Hawaii in the windy city where Steve the Dog is directing a new film. Brenda Murphy AKA  The Candy Queen has a major role in this story which continues the adventure that was started in Patrick Rabbit #12. The entire story is in English and Spanish and perfect for anyone who speaks either of these two world languages or who wants to learn!

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #15

Issue #15

The Money Tree takes Patrick all over the state of Texas! Kids learn a bit about the history of money and fiscal responsibility in a fun way.

Price: US $25

Patrick Rabbit #16

Issue #16

Patrick Rabbit Goes to the Philippines marks the end of the adventure started in Patrick Rabbit #12 (Patrick Goes to Mexico) and #14 (Patrick Goes to Spain). The three-issue series is in English and Spanish and features the work of Brenda Murphy also known as the Candy Queen. She has created a candy sculpture of a Filipino Jeepney for the cover of this new book, which also features artwork by the late Filipino master illustrator Alfredo Alcala. This comics master's work graced the pages of comic books throughout the world for almost 50 years, including such titles as Batman, The Hulk, Conan, and his own creation Voltar, which is considered one of the most unique works in comic book history.

Price: US $25

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