Literacy & Art Go Hand-in-Hand

   Over the past two decades, our schools have seen an immeasurable decline in the time and funding devoted to exploring the arts, entrepreneurism  and creative activities. Not only has the time and funding faded, but so has the curiosity and interest of our population. What we have found in research and what we experience everyday is that many people just don't read. In a study conducted by the US Department of Education in 2013, researchers found that approximately 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read. These figures do not include the millions of people that can read but just choose not to. 

   Economic difficulty, Common Core, exhaustive State and Federal Testing and a decrease in the freedoms of Teachers to "teach," have all contributed to a growing number of children and young adults that have a world of information at their fingertips and they seldom become excited enough to find some answers. 

    There is good news in all of this, and thankfully this is a problem we can all improve upon. For over 40 years I have been teamed up with some of the worlds best artists, musicians, political leaders, and entrepreneurs, who I like to call "creators."  

   I have a wealth of knowledge that I love to share with anyone who would ask me. I have been invited to 17 different countries to paint murals and share my story. I have helped create over 2000 murals in the United States and abroad, all of which highlight the power of "thinking big", entrepreneurism and literacy. My goal with Cartoonists Across America and the World is to get people excited about gaining knowledge, give them some tools and ideas that will inspire them to think big, and achieve their dreams. I believe we can accomplish this goal using my message along with art, creativity and humor.

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"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

                           -Abraham Lincoln

“Today a reader,    

         tomorrow a leader."          

-Margaret Fuller

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

                                  -Abraham Lincoln

Current Events

 Phil's new book, Places is now available!

It is a hardcover full-color book of  126 watercolors from his series of places he has visited during his 37-year Cartoonists Across  America Tour.  It sells for $40, signed and numbered.

Places cover.jpg

Comic-Con 2022 Will Return

To The San Diego Convention Center

July 21-24, 2022

Phil Yeh and Cartoonists Across America will be there at booth 5564!

Phil and
Cartoonists Across America are painting a  mural in San Bernardino, CA. The mural wraps around all 4 walls at the site of the Original and First Ever McDonald's which is now a McDonald's museum and official stop on Route 66.

The mural features many of the heros, entrepreneurs, and businesses with a legacy of success that have originated in San Bernardino and the surrounding cities. Famous cartoonists such as Phil Ortiz, creator of the Simpson's characters, and others have contributed to the mural. This historical mural is seen by hundreds of tourists from around the world, as well as by locals in Southern California every week. It is one of the few stops on Route 66 in Southern California and is rated on YELP as the second most popular tourist attraction in this area, second only to the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

Phil and the Cartoonists began work on the mural in 2012, and have worked continuously, a few days a week, for the past 7 years. You can visit the mural free of charge during the McDonald's museum buisiness hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm at 1398 N E St, San Bernardino, CA 92405. Our tour guides would love to show you the facsinating true history of McDonald's, and the people and places that have inspired many and achieved much.

Phil and Kevin_edited.jpg

Phil Yeh and Kevin Eastman.

Kevin visited the mural to add his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onto the art

finished mural fb_edited.jpg

We went to Germany to do a mural with the public at Kamp-Promenade Mall in Osnabrück on May 11, 2019.

Simpson's artist Phil Ortiz was there and also Klaus Leven of East Side Cartoons and the German office of Cartoonists Across America & the World.

people fb_edited.jpg
mural 2 fb_edited.jpg