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This book will inspire and present your kids with a very appealing and smart alternative to mind-numbing electronic entertainment. Steve the Dog & The Winged Tiger is for all ages!  It's the true story of a couch-potato-dog named Steve. Dot the dog talks him into leaving his apartment to meet the Well-dressed Chicago Bull, where he met the Winged Tiger who changed his life.

Set in Chicago, the birthplace of artist/author Phil Yeh and the longtime home base for artist Geoff Bevington, this book is a tribute to the Windy City. Lieve Jerger has colored the book with devotion to the art.


Steve the Dog and the Winged Tiger

  • By Phil Yeh and Geoff Beavington. Colored by Lieve Jerger.

    Limited edition, signed and numbered

    Full Color, Hard Cover 


  • Free shipping in the U.S.

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