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Patrick Rabbit makes it to Hollywood and so does his girlfriend Rachel along with Keiko, her young film-director-friend from Japan. Klaus Leven, Cartoonists Across America European Vice-President and the creator of Joey & Gonz, teamed up with Phil Yeh to create a special cover for this issue. It was colored by Lieve Jerger, with a special thanks to Joel Sansone who created the glass-on-glass-on-copper enamel stellarscape image we used for the sky. Special guest stars Ralf Moeller (Gladiator, Batman, and Conan)Sports Illustrated photographer Ron Modra; author MB Roberts; One Big Happy creator Rick Detorie; Hopster's Tracks creator Stephanie Gladden (she worked on the Powerpuff Girls and The Simpsons); Jon J. Murakami's Dragons of Hawaii in a very special scene at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood; Marty Baumann, the award-winning creator of the Crater Kid; Hollywood storyboard artist Tim Burgard (The Terminator, Jumanji and Stuart Little are just a few of his credits); author/artist Nancy Dunn (Golf's Greenland); and many others.

Winged Tiger # 6: Let's Do Lunch

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