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While in Germany, Ralph Ruthe and Klaus Leven's Joey & Gonz continue to try and give Patrick some inspiration about how to be creative. Patrick also meets the Lace Princess in Belgium in this globe-trotting special issue. Also including some of Iran's best cartoonists and a very special appearance by Lat, the most famous cartoonist of Malaysia and that part of the world. In Singapore, Lim Cheng Tju, Teo Chin Puay, and Dengcoy Miel all graciously helped Patrick add to his knowledge about how artists get their ideas. This issue features a wonderful illustration of The Dragons of Hawaii by creator Jon J. Murakami with Phil drawing the tiger and "Mad King" Ludwig's castle in Germany. The story takes Patrick Rabbit back in time to meet the great baroque music composer Mozart with these special guest stars as well.

Winged Tiger # 5: The Sound of Music

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