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The cover makes one think of the Wild West, so of course we set the story in Europe! Rick O'Shay's creator Stan Lynde (he drew one of the best western comic strips in history) joined Phil to create the cover. Stan was one of Phil's heroes when he grew up in Los Angeles and this was a real honor. Stan's Montana artist friends Wally Badgett and Peter Grosshauser joined in the fun, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, Italian cartoonist Marco DeAngelis (did we mention that part of this issue takes place in Italy?); If You Give a Mouse a Cookie illustrator Felicia Bond; Concrete's creator Paul Chadwick; Dutch cartoon masters Frans Mensink and Willy Lohmann, Goatina's creator Kitty Mancini (co-creator Rina Piccolo was in issue #2); and many others.

Winged Tiger #4: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

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