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The first issue of the IDEASHIP SERIES (#2 through 12) that takes Patrick Rabbit around the world (more than once) in a magical airship to ask artists from all fields how they get their ideas. Guests in this collector's issue include: Astounding Space Thrills creator Steve Conley; Swamp Thing artist and the creator of Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends dream comic and many other titles, Rick Veitch; Akiko creator Mark Crilley;  Rick O'Shay's creator Stan Lynde; artist and author Trina Robbins; Steve Leialoha who has so many comic book credits over his long career to name them all; MAD magazine artist and creator of Groo, Sergio Aragones; Conan artist Alfredo Alcala; The Simpsons artist and one of Mexico's top cartoonists, Oscar Gonzales. 

Winged Tiger #2: The Ideaship

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