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This issue finds Patrick Rabbit back in his Ideaship balloon traveling all over the world to ask artists in all fields how they get their ideas.

Guests include Dave Scroggy (Dark Horse Comics); artist Eric Bowman; Newbery Medal winner Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz, New Kid); Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans);  Hawaii’s Jon J. Murakami;  writer and artist Rick Geary; and Israeli cartoonist Lee Blum.

Patrick then travels to Singapore and Malaysia where he meets author and  illustrator Otto Fong (Sir Fong edutainment comic books); Vivian Toh (editor-in-chief of Cutout Magazine); Jay Lim (creative director of Cutout Magazine); Malaysian cartoonist Sireh; and Sarah Joan Mokhtar, a half Irish, half Malay cartoonist who designed the cover with Phil Yeh.

Winged Tiger #15: To Bee  or Not to Bee

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