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Dinosaurs Across California continues Phil Yeh's popular Dinosaurs Across America series with a wonderful tour of the Golden State, highlighting some of the noted people who changed the world in the arts, sports, science and other fields. In spite of his attitude, Patrick learns more than he expected on his tour of the California Missions. Some of the people mentioned in this fun book are Star Wars  creator George Lucas, legendary writer Ray Bradbury, Grammy award-winning musician Carlos Santana, Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, astronaut Ellen Ochoa, comic book artist and the co-creator of Iron Man Jack Kirby, martial artist Bruce Lee,   Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and many others who made their mark in this state.

This book is designed to inspire students, especially from elementary to college level. Like all classic comic strips and cartoons, it is truly for ALL AGES. Did we forget to mention it is FUNNY too?
You do not need to live in the state of California to understand or benefit from this book. 32 black and white pages, softcover.

Dinosaurs Across California

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