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Frank the Unicorn

Frank the Unicorn is a star in many books drawn by Phil Yeh since 1980, including a memorable comic book series in the 1980s and 1990s. Frank is an actor and an avid golfer who says little, yet manages to teach the world a lot about life. He often appears in the Patrick Rabbit stories as a wise character who tries to temper Patrick's more irrational behavior. In August 2012, Phil Yeh drew a four page strip entitled Frank The Unicorn, The Comeback! as a tribute to his beloved mentors: Jean Giraud, Leo Dillon, Ray Bradbury, and Dave Thorne.

Frank the Unicorn
Syd Ha Sitbird

Syd Ha Sitbird is the creation of Dennis Niedbala and was first drawn by Phil Yeh for their book Frank & Syd on the Brooklyn Bridge which is a delightful introduction to the subject of meditation. Syd comes from India and is prefectly content to just sit. His wisdom and humor are truly something needed in this fast paced modern world.

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