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Dinosaur Characters

Dinah Dinosaur

Dinah is the dinosaur who first discovered the Lava Computer when it was spit out of the Library Volcano. She learned to read using the Lava PC and taught Theo, Dewey and Dallas. The other dinosaurs were not interested in learning how to read and we know what happened to them !

Theo the Dinosaur is one of four dinosaurs who learned how to read and built a time machine spaceship to come to our time. Thus, the slogan, "Read. Avoid Extinction". Theo has been the subject of many books and also a part of the ongoing Cartoonists Across America & The World literacy campaign since 1986. Theo & Friends have been adapted for posters, billboards, t-shirts and many other products throughout the world by Panasonic, Levi's, IBM, The International Reading Association and many other companies and organizations. In 1990, the Hungarian government put Theo & Friends on a postage stamp celebrating the United Nations International Year of Literacy.

Theo the Dinosaur
Dewey Dinosaur

Dewey is one of Theo the Dinosaur's friends who came to our world in the time machine spaceship. Dewey loves to cook.

Dallas is the little boy dinosaur. Together with Dinah, he used the Lava Computer to invent a time machine spaceship to avoid extinction.

Dallas Dinosaur
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