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This issue is the Very Special 25th Anniversary celebration of The Winged Tiger character. It features an exclusive interview with Mexico's extraordinary talent, Jose Quintero, printed in his original Spanish words, as well as an English translation. Also interviewed is Matt Lorentz, the artist whose skateboarding cartoons are beloved icons for a whole generation. Dragons of Hawaii creator, Jon J. Murakami gives his Cartooning Tips and Tricks.


These successful artists bare their soul and give up secrets, which makes this issue a must-read for aspiring cartoonists everywhere. A revealing article by Robine Zule tells all you ever wanted to read about Cartoonists Across America founder Phil Yeh's pivotal role as GODFATHER OF THE AMERICAN GRAPHIC NOVEL and chronicles the birth of the graphic novel art form in the late seventies, in the city of Long Beach, California, where Phil and his friends published Uncle Jam and ran the Cobblestone Art Gallery.

Winged Tiger #13: Almost Famous

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